Mobile Network Services.

Remove the guesswork, let us analyse the issue and recommend the correct solution for you.

If you are experiancing mobile network connectivity Issues or problems with or not able to get connected to or would like help with your regional or metro broadband or mobile network  connectivity or you are experiancing mobile network connectivity issues  then the experienced team at Waykat Services can help, with over 25 years experience in all areas of the mobile, data, wireless, communications as well as the RF communications industries we are very well placed to try and help solve your connection, connectivity, reception and speed problems as well as increase your mobile reception, speed and data reliability with our range of mobile network and data routers and repeaters which also come with WiFi to increase your coverage in your home or office all our equipement is 100% legal and network authorised, we put this in writing.

We can also supply and install internal and external mobile and data vertical and horizontal beam antennas suited to the various frequencies of all the various Australian mobile carriers using special ultra low loss coaxial cable.

As soon as you contact us with your mobile / data, reception, connectivity, or speed problems problem we will ascertain and plot your precise location including height above sea level, we will assatain who your current mobile provider is, and locate your nearest tower(s) to your location.

After we have all the above information we will arrange to visit your location and carry out a thorough and exhaustive site inspection and scope out which will include bringing our test equipment to your location to check mobile and data signal levels and strength and inspect your current equipment.

At the conclusion of our onsite testing we will talk to you to ascertaining your usage patterns and will be able to tell you on the day of your chances of increasing your signal level, connection, reliability and speed, before providing you with a written report of our findinds in the following days which will contain all our results from the day, we will also include for you a written quote to carry out the necessary scope of works if the tests have proved successful.

On the day we will inspect. talk to you about and take into account your current equipment and if necessary recommend the appropriate equipment needed to achieve success based on our test results.

For more detailed information on this topic please see Mobile Phone & Broadband Internet Solutions for Mobile Networks ( Telstra, Optus and Vodafone )

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