Cel-Fi RS2 Legal Telstra NextG 850Mhz & OPTUS 3G - 900/2100MHz Repeater

Cel-Fi RS2 Legal Telstra NextG 850Mhz & OPTUS 3G - 900/2100MHz Repeater


Do you suffer with Mobile dead spots, dropout spots or maybe you have no bile connectivity at your location well don't put up with it any longer with just one phone call Waykat Services can ascertain if you are eligible and if so solve your mobile network coverage problems in a very short time you can have 5 bars of signal we have installed these every where and they work fantastically and the best part of it is that they are absolutely 100% legal not like the illegal repeaters that attract huge fines and confiscation of your equipment and can even see you charged under the federal telecommunications act.

Nextivity’s new generation Cel-Fi Repeater is an intelligent Indoor Coverage Solution for 3G/HSPA+, designed to amplify the mobile signal from outside and disburse within your home or office.

The Cel-fi smart repeater will help to increase your internal mobile signal, dramatically improving voice quality and 3G data speeds for multiple devices.

The Cel-Fi system is very different to a standard repeater, as it was designed to provide maximum coverage, be network friendly and can be easily installed by the end user.

Cel-Fi by Nextivity: How It Works

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