Welcome to the Mobile Telephony, Satellite & Wireless Broadband Revolution

Waykat Services is an Information Technology, Telecommunications & Managed Services business that has been operating since October 1993.

Waykat Services pride it's self on its outstanding Professional Knowledge & Customer Service. Our business philosophy is that there is no such thing as it cannot be done, it's only how can it be achieved. We offer excellent after sales backup service looking after both businesses of all sizes as well as residential clients.

One of the areas that we specialize in is RF & Satellite communications, including but not limited to the supply,

installation, setup and configuration of Vast, Foxtel, IP Star & NBN Co. satellite services as well as Telstra & Optus mobile repeaters for both base & portable mobile phone & mobile broadband, including gaining or increasing reception & stabilizing connectivity in areas where there is little or no reception as well as fixed phone and data services over the mobile network especially in rural, remote & regional areas.

We are able to provide our clients with high quality, high speed 3G, NextG, Slant and 4G LTE mobile, wireless & satellite broadband systems. From the air interface to the IP network, the Waykat Services team design and produce a diverse range of customized solutions - from high speed metro 4G, mesh/distributed wireless, to providing last mile 3G, NextG, WCDMA, cellular & satellite voice to even the most remote sites.

Remove the guesswork, let us analyse the issue and recommend the correct solution.

Using the very latest in both equipment, radio frequency & satellite transmission mapping we are able to provide highly accurate mobile phone and wireless broadband coverage plots, point-to-point signal propagation, digital overlay mapping, diagnose remote and problem locations, and much more. By performing a full remote and onsite assessment of your location and surrounding area we are able to provide a satisfaction guarantee.

Who are Waykat Services

There's little denying that since the advent of satellite & wireless broadband, the Waykat Services team have constantly pushed the boundaries of what's possible. Our past successes are proof of this, where others have said it is not possible and or it can't be done, we have been successful. This proves that not only are we up to the challenge but we are able to provide results.

A progressive I.T. Managed services and communications / telecommunications company made up of a diverse team of people - from programming and network engineering to project planning, management and quality supply and installation, it's our diversity that permits such innovation, allowing us to deliver our clients a single port of call when it comes to all things communication, telecommunication, fixed wireless & satellite.

What we do

Waykat Services is able to supply high speed wireless & satellite communication systems to a diverse range of customers & clients from households suffering slow internet or low cell phone signal, to the health, security, hospitality,

building, wedding and conference as well as the leisure industry. We also work closely with many companies & businesses of all shapes and sizes as well as departments, supplying custom communications solutions for special needs.

We are able to provide Satellite, UHF, VHF, HF and cellular solutions across Victoria and NSW, outfitting business and private sites for mobile phone, broadband, fixed point to point, satellite, two way radio and fixed wireless internet and telephony access, as well as service vehicles, office structures, and machinery.

Our expertise stems from many years experience in the satellite, communications and telecommunications industry,

coupled with our constant hands on product experience always using the very latest cutting edge technology together with our formal qualifications. Our custom engineered RF modeling eliminates the guesswork out of antenna selection and allows us to perform the most accurate prediction and diagnosis for any radio system from 20MHz to 20GHz. Using
LIDAR and satellite imagery mapping we are also able to perform ultra accurate down to (0.5m) point-to-point analysis for most locations along the east coast of Australia.
Given the complicated nature of RF & satellite systems, we believe educating our customers and allowing them to make informed decisions about our products and services is paramount.

Waykat Services is a 100% Australian owned and controlled company currently based in Melbourne Victoria, working
through out Victoria and NSW.

Waykat Services is different to the rest, we are not a 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday Company. We are FULL end to end service company available to come to you the client & do the work when the work needs to be done, to fit in with you & your busy schedule 7 days a week. Waykat Services currently works all the way from Melbourne in the south up to Wagga Wagga NSW in the north, Port Campbell in the far south west of Victoria throughout Gippsland to the NSW boarder & across to the Sapphire coast in far south eastern NSW.
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