Mobile Phone & Broadband Internet Connectivity Solutions for Mobile Networks
( Telstra, Optus and Vodafone )

One of the many services that Waykat Services are able to supply, is to people that live in or work in or organizations and business's that operate in regional areas of low or no mobile network signal coverage or maybe no landline internet capabilities & require mobile network coverage at their location either to be able to either make and receive calls on their mobile or for mobile broadband internet for either home or business use.

It is very possible that with the installation and addition of some extra equipement connected to a high gain light weight fixed mobile yagi network beam antenna similar to the one shown above that is pointed at the nearest, strongest mobile network tower just like a TV antenna and cabled with high grade low loss mobile network coaxial cable and fittings running to your additional mobile network equipement or compatible modem router or mobile phone if your mobile phone has an external antenna socket that you will be able to will receive a much stronger mobile signal strength and have reliability of broadband ans mobile communications in regional areas.

Example below the addition of an external yagi beam antenna used to increase signal strength.

Go from 1 to 5 bars of signal strength in a very short time span

Example below the addition of an a signal amplifier connected to an external yagi beam antenna and re transmitted to the premises by way of dome / panel / micro cell repeater antenna to help with signal strength and reception through out the premises.

If you have a "mobile network compatible modem router with WiFi" ( that is one that is able to take a sim card or a mobile USB dongle ) you can use all your mobile compatible devices just as you would normally instead of the mobile network compatible modem router getting it's broadband internet from either a HFC or fiber cable, ADSL or Annex M connection, it's gets it's broadband internet from the nearest mobile network tower for which you are connected to whether that be Telstra, Optus or Vodafone including their mobile network resellers. #


See Example Diagram Below.

Example below:- A WiFi router with a mobile Dongle connected to the USB port and connected to a mobile network high gian external yagi Antenna to greatly increase signal strength and broadband speed.

Waykat Services have set many of these services up over the years including for and under contract to various telcos for their customers and clients in regional parts of Victoria & NSW with a 100% success rate.

If you are interested in more information about this service or would like to see or know if you might benefit from this service please contact us immediately we would be more than happy to help, also if you have not already done so and would like some more information please visit and read the section on ( If you are experiencing problems with or not able to get or would like regional broadband or like better mobile coverage ).

Depending on your connection speed and location the above option may also give you the ability to run a VoIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol ) telephone service, this is a telephone servive without the need for expensive telephone lines and line rental, maybe you work from home and need a second line or may be you live in a regional area and can't get an ordinary above ground or under ground telephone line to your property, as long as you have good mobile broadband coverage in your location Waykat Services can setup a VoIP telephone and or virtual fax service for you with your own dedicated telephone number that allows people to call you or fax you from a normal phone line and you to make normal telephone calls with a normal telephone handset or portable phone and send and receive normal faxes.

See more information on this solution please see our section on VoIP.

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# Using mobile devices connected to a mobile network compatible modem router will still affect your upload and download limits of your mobile broadband plan from your mobile broadband provider and depending on your mobile provider, data limit and mobile broadband plan, but will allow you to run all your WiFi devices off of one mobile broadband account instead of several accounts if say you have 2 mobiles and a 3G tablet and an internet enabled computer.