About our partner Global Network

To ensure a high quality and high performance Internet experience for our customers, Our partner network like to control as much of their network as possible. they weren't happy with just building a great national network - they've also built a great International network, which spans the globe. This means we can provide a better International Internet experience to our customers.

International network highlights

  • Points of presence in San Jose, Los Angeles, Ashburn, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Auckland and London.
  • Peering links to major Internet peering exchanges including:
  • Over 70 Gigabits per second of International IP capacity to the Internet!
  • Our entire Global network is IPv6 enabled - IPv6 connectivity is available in all International points of presence. We also peer with many IPv6 enabled networks at our various POPs.
  • Geographically redundant rings on multiple under-sea cables to the United States and South-East Asia, originating from multiple geographically separate POP's in Australia.
  • A global ring for additional redundancy, our network is interconnected both ways around the world - via the United States to Europe, and via Asia to Europe.
  • Multiple International cable networks including: Southern Cross, Sea-Me-We-3 and Pipe Pacific 1.

Our network gives our customers the best possible International performance, connectivity and reliability into the heart of the Internet.