About Us

Waykat Services is a Specialist information technology, communications and managed services business that has been operating since October 1993.

Over our 21 years we are proud of our ability to be able to understand our client’s requirements & to be able to deliver their final outcome. A key component of our ongoing success has been our ability to coral the best available technologies, from desktop, mobile and server infrastructure through to networks, storage, security and data management services.

We pride our selves on our outstanding Professional Knowledge & Customer Service. Our business philosophy is that there is no such thing that cannot be done it is only how can it be achieved. We offer excellent after sales backup service.

A specialist information technology company in the areas of Network Communications, VoIP, Home, Commercial, Hospitality, Accommodation & Public WiFi, Telstra & Optus Fixed Wireless and NBN internet connection service.

One of the many areas that we also specialize in the area of RF communications including, but not limited to, both base and portable mobile phone and mobile broadband, including gaining or increasing reception and stabilizing connectivity in areas where there is little or no reception, especially in rural and regional areas.

We take the time to sit down with clients and listen to what they would like and work out exactly what it is that they need, from the smallest single user PC to the largest multi-user integrated network.

One recent project was for a large farm enterprise in north western NSW, delivering full mobile coverage within their 2.5 acre main homestead area, also connecting them to the Telstra Fixed Wireless service on a tower over 28 km from the farm, increasing their internet speed from 0.6Mb/s download, 0.2Mb/s upload to 12.0Mb/s download, 6.0Mb/s upload, a huge increase.

Our clients welcome enquiries regarding our services.

Our experience includes commercial VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) & the linking of remote offices & sites via wireless, microwave and data bearer, as well as land line & VPN (Virtual Private Network).